In today’s pet world, there is an abundance of experienced and informative resources available to help you train your pet with the use of non-violent and positive techniques. Along with attending local dog training workshops, checkout websites for national humane societies, and all pet magazines on the market have training tips and articles to help make self-training less stressful and enjoyable for both you and your pet. See local dog training workshops listed under the Special Services tab.


This resource library for dog owners has information that we tend to forget: disaster preparedness, home insurance, and poison control.

2. BringFido

This is the Yelp of all places dog. When looking for dog-friendly stay, dog park, or even event in your neighborhood, this website can help with answers.

3. Best Friends Animal Society

When this awesome organization isn’t “saving them all,” they’re providing helpful tips to new adoptees about training, behavior issues, and getting help.

4. Amazon

When you don’t have the time stop at the store for your pup’s necessities, Amazon’s pet hub is the place to get food, medications, and other useful supplies delivered to your door quickly.

5. American Kennel Club (AKC)

This is the encyclopedia of dog breeds on the Internet. When you want to know more about the breed, it’s a good resource to make sure it’s character matches your lifestyle.


Below is a list of organizations but please be advised that it may not be a complete list for financial assistance.   Many of these organizations are funded by donations, so some programs may be discontinued without notice when funding is no longer available. Help is often offered on a case-by-case basis. Before applying for aid, make sure to read the organization’s eligibility guidelines that are provided on their website. Also, carefully read the application to be sure you meet the eligibility requirements for assistance.

Idaho Humane Society

Spay & Neuter Idaho Pets

Coopers Legacy Foundation

JKirk Foundation

Red Rover Relief

Best Friends Animal Society

Cat Emergency Assistance

Actors & Others for Animals — in Southern California only

The Pet Fund — for domestic animals

Guide, hearing & service dogs – emergency financial assistance

Banfield Charitable Trust — assists struggling pet owners with pet care needs

Elderly, disabled, handicapped pets

Veterinary Cancer Society — cancer treatment support

Magic Bullet Fund

Photo by Fernanda Prado on Unsplash